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I’d like to go on record stating that if President Trump can resolve the North Korean crisis, I will consider him a very bright man.  So far, North Korea seems unimpressed with his bombing runs in Syria and Afghanistan (which the BRICS countries say was illegal) and, instead, seems to simply favor brinkmanship.  Indeed, they do seem to have little to lose by escalating the conflict and America has no response to an enemy with with nuclear weapons and little to lose.  Heck, it didn’t even have a response to an enemy with no nuclear weapons and nothing to lose (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam,…).  So, maybe Trump’s play so far is genius.  But, if he doesn’t resolve this conflict by menacing Mr. Kim with his aircraft carrier and if he doesn’t do it in his first 100 days, it’s hard to imagine he’ll come up with anything more clever later on.


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