Climate Change

The president of the United States has been wondering what happened to global warming (twitter).  Perhaps he feels that he left it behind in California.  And, with the Camp fire in California is now fully contained (Reuters, CBC), he may feel that even that manifestation of global warming is behind him.

Unfortunately for the president, his administration has just released a new report on climate change.  The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP)’s Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4) report (Volume I and Volume II) provides detailed information outlining both the environmental and financial costs that the United States can expect to suffer due to global warming.  For example, according to the new report, the damage from global warming could reduce the U.S. economy by ten percent by the end of the century (NYT, The Washington Times).  The report also calls the human cause of global warming “unambiguous” (NYT).

President Trump has weighed in on his feelings about the report (BBC):

“I don’t believe it.”

(Noah Berger/Associated Press)

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