Anti-social media in the surveillance states

It’s been five days and still no personal insult from a current or incoming head of state.  I’m beginning to think this is folly.  I’ll give it a few more days.

Still, I’m not without hope.  What I need is a way to get attention.  Imagine my joy to find out that over 150 cities, counties, and law enforcement agencies in the United States have spent at least $10,000 on social media monitoring services.  I suppose there are agencies that spent less and fell below the radar.  You can look here to see how much your city spent, if it was over $10,000.  Boston recently put out a request for proposals and received offers from Dataminr, Uncharted (I think that’s the link) and Verint Technologies, but the city backed down when they found out how invasive the snooping would be.  Maybe I should just be posting all of this on Facebook (but not in Boston).

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